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Université de Guelph, Campus d’Alfred


The Campus D’Alfred is a satellite campus of the Ontario Agricultural College of the University of Guelph. Located in the town of Alfred, in the Francophone region of south eastern Ontario, it offers French-speaking students the opportunity to obtain qualifications in fields of agriculture, nutrition, veterinary science and office administration. Spanning an area of 150 hectares, the campus contains 120 hectares of cultivated land whilst the remaining 30 hectares contain an arboretum, a dairy complex, workshops, an animal health center, sports center, student residence and other buildings.

The following Diplomas are offered:

•    Diploma in Agricultural Technology (2 years)
•    Diploma in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science (2 years)
•    Veterinary Technician (1.5 years)

The following Certificates are offered:

•    Certificate in Food Preparation (25 weeks)
•    Certificate in Office Administration (29 weeks)

In addition, a bridging program (ESSOR: Emplois spécialisés en soutien à l’Ontario rural) has been developed to cater for newly arrived foreign nationals who have already obtained an agriculture- or environment-related qualification in their own country, and wish to obtain the relevant local certification in their chosen fields. Mentorship, job placement and internship opportunities are provided.

Due to its small size, Campus D’Alfred offers a warm, nurturing environment where personal interaction between lecturers and students is encouraged. The campus provides an air-conditioned 54 room residence, with individual temperature control in each room. Other facilities include communal bathrooms, a communal kitchen, common room and laundry. Internet connectivity is provided throughout the campus.

An active Student Council organizes sporting competitions between Campus D’Alfred and the other satellite campuses of the Ontario College of Agriculture. Fundraisers, talent competitions and a variety of social events are a highlight of student life on campus. A job placement service is provided both for current students and for those who have already graduated.