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The learning outcomes of this major are as follows:
• Understand geopolitical factors concerning international relations and how geopolitical factors affect the international system
• Obtain a detailed perspective on the institutions and policy processes that shape global economic relations between international and national actors and among economic blocks
• Understand the impact of culture on the management of operations across countries
• To be able to provide elaborate solutions for solving potential conflict or confrontations which might arise from cultural, religious or misunderstandings
• To develop international management skills with the substantive base and analytical tools necessary for acquiring an informed perspective on the interplay between the global economy and world affairs.Online MBA Programs

To be considered for the following online Master’s in Business Administration programme you must meet the following requirements:
• Undergraduate degree or equivalent
• 2 years’ work experience
• English Proficiency:
IELTS 6.0 or equivalent or
TOEFL 70 or equivalent or
Must have studied for a minimum of 3 years in an English speaking environment
As part of the application process you will need to write a personal statement: you will need to write an essay of 400 to 600 words about one of the following subjects:
1. Your opinion of an economic current event (e.g. a merger, take-over, reforms, etc.)
2. Who is the professional who has inspired you the most and why?
(e.g. an economic theorist, an entrepreneur, a politician, etc.)
3. Explain the future of one industry and what companies will have to do to remain innovative and competitive within that industry.

List of document required on registration:
1. Application form
2. Authentic copies of your qualifications, certificates and complete transcripts for all years of studies
3. A copy of your passport
4. An English copy of your CV/Résumé
5. Two reference letters (academic/professional) please ensure that reference letters are on letterhead paper, stamped and dated (no older than 6 months)
6. A scanned copy of a recent passport sized colour photograph (jpeg, 150*150 pixels)
7. Proof of English proficiency

Reference letters
Reference letters that are submitted for admissions board review need to be as per the below format and contain the information listed:
Student’s full name
Student’s position, title within the company (at least two years relevant work experience at management level);
Exact period in which student has worked for that company;
Details about responsibilities (including how many people candidate was responsible for)
Details about candidate’s personal qualities
The name, signature and position of the referee and his contact details (it has to be somebody with a higher position in the company- ex: director, manager etc.):
The references should be letter headed/stamped; dated


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