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This course aims to introduce students to the Public Relations industry, exploring the key developments and issues that define it. It provides links to the media industry, and explores Marketing and Brand Management techniques. It examines the effect of globalisation on Public Relations, and how consumer culture is defined. The course also provides insights on how public opinion is shaped and how persuasion becomes an effective tool for PR practitioners. Also, it introduces the students to the design and implementation of a PR campaign. It is designed to allow students to work in the contemporary Public Relations industry in the UK, placing an emphasis on multi-media skills.

• Think critically about a range of issues concerning the PR industry, and how contemporary practices are affected by globalisation and multimedia techniques.
• Help students justify their opinions intellectually and theoretically, as well as practically.
• Evaluate and apply a range of methodological approaches relevant to conducting research in the field.
• Produce well-written PR stories, and to implore multimedia techniques in storytelling
• Organise and implement a successful PR campaign

This course requires you to be a minimum of 18 years old, be eligible to study in the UK and have a good level of English.