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The Art Enterprise Diploma (AED) is and online programme delivered via the InterActive platform and is designed to blend entrepreneurial thought with artistic creativity, providing you with acute business awareness in your specialised field. You can benefit from this comprehensive online programme, whether you are a painter, musician, designer, actor or dancer, as it offers essential business skills which can complement your creative talent.

The programme focuses on six business areas, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Technology & Media, Communication skills, Personal Finance & Tax, and Events Management & Law, which are specifically tailored to the demands of the creative world. This is designed to reinforce your creative abilities by developing an extensive knowledge and understanding of business.

The course is taught by business experts and leading professionals, giving you the knowledge and skills to begin a career in your chosen field. It consists of approximately 20 hours of HD-quality video lectures, drawing from business leaders and top tutors, and explores the main areas of business.

AED is suitable for a range of learners, from those wishing to explore a creative subject to those already working on freelance basis and seeking to improve their skills in enterprise and entrepreneurship. We would recommend an IELTS score of 4.5 as an entry requirement.