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Start a New Career with Tourism and Travel School

Did a “gap year” abroad give you a permanent case of the travel bug? Or perhaps your happiest childhood memories are of the vacations you took with your family. Either… Read More >>

Studying Your Way to a Career in Hospitality and Resort Business Management

Although the economic downturn affected several industries, the tourism industry is moving forward at a fast and steady pace. For those of you who are aspiring to be tourism professionals,… Read More >>

Discover Where a Tourism Career Can Take You

The tourism industry functions on the talent and dedication of people who specialize in several different areas of expertise. The industry itself has dozens of domains, each of which contain… Read More >>

Planning The Main Event

Does this sound familiar? Once upon a time you were the life of the party. Then you became famous for throwing the best parties and events among all your friends… Read More >>

World Travel & Tourism Industry Competes for BRIC tourists

Tourism business management teams around the world have set their sights on a new market: the rising middle class in the so-called BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India and China. These… Read More >>

New Travel & Tourism Buzzwords: Inclusive, Accessible

Study after study shows that baby boomers aspire to travel in retirement. As they hit retirement age, this “grey wave” could raise a new issue for the travel & tourism… Read More >>

9 Travel & Tourism Trends to Look Out For

Hyper-performing aircraft, retro uniforms and hotel renovations. Just some of what 2012 holds in store for the travel & tourism industry. 1. Lightweight planes Earlier this month, Boeing’s new 787… Read More >>

3 Refreshing New Travel & Tourism Industry Trends

What is the unifying theme behind many of the latest travel & tourism industry trends? They are meant to refresh weary travellers. Whereas travel & tourism used to be primarily… Read More >>

Choose-Your-Own-Seatmate, Yay or Nay, Emerging Travel & Tourism Debate

When news broke that Dutch airline KLM planned to let passengers choose their own seatmates via Facebook and other social networks, it ignited a major debate in the travel &… Read More >>

10 Travel & Tourism Trends

Tourism management is changing. Here are ten new trends that could influence your future in the hospitality industry. Contemplating a career in tourism management and wondering what the future looks… Read More >>