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Best Part-time Jobs While in College

In college, studies are your first priorities. But what about extra income to eat, pay the bills and go out? Balancing work and studies can be hard, and while there… Read More >>

Fun Volunteer Opportunities on Campus

Using your time and energy to do volunteer work is a great way to make new friends, develop useful skills and give back to the community. Though you won’t receive… Read More >>

Interesting Classes to Take in the Summer

Summers courses tend to be more condensed and lighter in tone than fall or winter semester courses. Taking a course in the summer doesn’t necessarily have to mean being stuck… Read More >>

How to Start a Student Club on Campus

  Student clubs can be a great complement to your life on campus. You’ll meet new like-minded friends and will get to organize and participate in activities that suit you…. Read More >>

College Options for Music Lovers

Do you love music? If so, you probably understand that music is much more than a hobby. If anything, music is a true extension of your personality. Whether you’re interested… Read More >>

What are the hardest languages to learn?

Not all languages are made equally. Depending on what your mother tongue is, and what languages you already know, certain languages can be difficult to adapt to. If you’re interested… Read More >>

4 Tips for Landing a Summer Dream Job

It happens to all of us. You apply to jobs, send resumes everywhere and then…. you don’t hear back. Nothing. Not even an email thanking you for applying. It’s a… Read More >>

Last Minute Exam Study Tips

Rationally, we all know that having good study habits is the best way to prepare for tests, but in the real world, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything that needs… Read More >>

Easter Traditions Around the World

As final exam periods are underway for many schools, this Easter weekend might come as a great opportunity for students to take a little break from all the stress and… Read More >>

Balancing Work Life and Studies

You’ve found a great opportunity: you’re able to work and go to school at the same time, to avoid getting too much in debt while earning a degree. But once… Read More >>