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With a soft spot for words, I mainly write about content strategy and development.

Sales Courses for Your Non-Sales People

As a member of a sales management team, securing training for your team is probably a big part of your job. You may have your favourite workshops, contents and providers…. Read More >>

How is Sales Management Different From Just Plain Sales

There’s no doubt about it, sales management requires a different skill set from traditional sales jobs. But what are some of those skills?   1. The ability to forecast and… Read More >>

6 Reasons to Invest in Sales Leadership Training

We often hear of organizations investing in sales leadership training. Here are some reasons why.   To improve sales   By some estimates, only 50 percent of sales people make… Read More >>

Street Sales Strategy for Beginners

Your city may have a tradition of closing down its main streets for a weekend or two each summer to open the road to pedestrians, and the sidewalks to local… Read More >>

Sales Strategy for Student Painters

In the summer, sunshine finally floods through our windows, raising our spirits, but also cruelly exposing the wear and tear that has accumulated in the past twelve months on our… Read More >>

Sales Management Team Building Exercises

Part of a good sales strategy is making sure that your team is functioning well at all levels. How is the atmosphere at your sales management meetings? Are employees eager… Read More >>