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With a soft spot for words, I mainly write about content strategy and development.

Sales Training for the Very Shy

Many of our most popular artists suffer from a weakness that one would never suspect: stage fright. Not all of our most beloved leaders are as comfortable as they appear… Read More >>

Debunking Negotiating Tactics

In business-to-business sales, deals are hardly ever reached simply and quickly, with one side setting their terms and prices and the other side simply agreeing or declining. Business to business… Read More >>

Damage Prevention and Control: How to Handle Bad Sales

The goal of a sale is the sale itself. If this seems like an easy formula, almost redundant, then that is because it is an over-simplification. Focusing on the sale… Read More >>

How Can Social Media Be Used In Engagement Marketing

Taken in the simplest term, a sale is the transaction between a seller, a buyer, and a product or service sold. Broken down into two slightly-more advanced categories, there can… Read More >>

Strength in Numbers: The Benefits of a United Sales Team

All companies want to have an effective sales team. Whether your company has a strong sales force or one that needs improvement, every company’s team can benefit from additional sales… Read More >>

Standing Out in a Room of Applicants: Take a Sales Training Course

If you really think about it, everything in life is about sales. Whether you’re selling yourself in a job interview or you’re selling high-end automobiles, you are always marketing something…. Read More >>

A Team is only as Great as its Leader

Everybody that works in sales and marketing has their own personal sales strategy. Often these methods are based on personality traits and experiences, and they provide an individualistic touch. But… Read More >>

The Presentation of a Lifetime

This article discusses the importance of good presentations in sales. It gives examples on how to begin a presentation, then offers some points of advice for preparing, delivering and following-up… Read More >>

More Than One Way to Lead The Pack

There is no one single natural way to lead and motivate people. This is so because of a fundamental truth: people are different. This means that what works in motivating… Read More >>

Meeting Your Challenges Head-On

  One of the most common ways a business helps keep communication flowing freely through all departments is by having regular meetings. Sometimes, however, holding a meeting can be seen… Read More >>