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Increasing Responsibilities for Pharmacy Technicians

With the healthcare field always growing, students can expect for their chosen health-related career to come with increasing responsibilities. Becoming a pharmacy technician has become much more than counting pills; a pharmacy technician is now a highly sought after career.

4 Tips For Error Free Records in Healthcare

It’s easy to say “to err is human,” but when you’re in the medical world, an error can be the difference between life and death. Many of the skills you… Read More >>

Why Is It Important For Medical Support Workers To Understand Prescription Drugs?

For medical support workers, every day is a new adventure. The job includes such a wide variety of tasks that it always has something new to offer. However, many of… Read More >>

Future Careers with Medical Support & Records

Nursing unit clerks and medical transcriptionists maximize the quality and efficiency of hospital units by maintaining important records regarding patient history, hospital procedures and patient care.  Although becoming a nursing… Read More >>

Why Healthcare Support Careers?

Have you been looking around your current career and simply feel that you are in a dead end job and don’t think there really is any sort of way for… Read More >>

Making A Healthcare Job Work For You

The healthcare industry remains one of the fastest growing industries in the entire country. This is because everyone needs a high-quality, professional service provider, capable of assisting with any and… Read More >>

Math Is Important For Healthcare Support Roles

It is true, some fields require math far more than others. However, knowing how to perform some essential calculations is always necessary, regardless of the career path you decide to… Read More >>

Medical Careers & Distance Education

Distance education has been around since 1728. The first record of this type of learning was when a teacher, Caleb Phillips, advertised for students who wanted to learn the new… Read More >>

Why is Pharmaceutical Training Important?

  As you might have noticed, as we age, we tend to have more health problems and become more dependable of the medical health system. It is a fact that… Read More >>

Pharmacists and Technicians Teaming up

  Healthcare is evolving in Canada to match the times, driven by changing demographics, patient need and increasing medication use. Pharmacists are the medication experts and the public’s most accessible… Read More >>