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Twitter Professors to Follow Today!

  People think social media and higher education don’t normally go hand in hand, but that’s probably because they haven’t been following these professors on Twitter. Now, the designation “professor”… Read More >>

Virtually Visit Museums with These Apps

Going to the museum is a luxury many of us have little time to enjoy. For students, the cost can sometimes be a large deterrent, even with student discounts. However,… Read More >>

Teach 18 Months of Math in Only 6 Weeks?

In the Malawi capital of Lilongwe, a classroom of primary school students is currently testing out a new educational platform designed by the non-profit group Onebillion. The organization was born… Read More >>

Online High School Providing Indigenous Youth with a Better Education

In a tight knit indigenous community, where parents, grandparents and sometimes great grandparents all live together, it can be difficult to send children away from the community to attend a… Read More >>

Develop Your Graduate Skills on

President and CEO of the Council of Ontario Universities, Bonnie Paterson has noted, “Graduates have a very different experience at university than undergraduates”. Being a graduate student comes with new… Read More >>

“Google Classroom” App Means More Classrooms Are Going Paperless

Google has invented an education app, appropriately named Google Classroom, which keeps teachers and students connected online both in school and at home. This content management system integrates Google Docs,… Read More >>

School Embraces Video Games as an Educational Tool

With cut backs on recess time in recent years, discussion about the importance of play in a child’s education and development has been a hot topic. Considering the high level… Read More >>, a Canadian-born Idea to Improve Awareness of the Law

The National Post has reported the kick-off of a website designed to help Canadians improve their awareness of the law. Lawyer referral website has had a team working for… Read More >>

Emerging Strategies for International Sales

An MBA in Sales Management provides students with the training to put together a dynamic sales team. By using the skills you learned in your MBA program, you’ll be able to make your company a leader in the business world.

Is Online Learning the Future of Canada’s North?

We like to think that we live in a fairly equitable society where all children, for example, have access to good primary and secondary education. And, for the most part,… Read More >>