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The Evolution of Nursing

People have always needed nursing. Nursing began as either a religious calling, a part of family duties for many women, or a role reserved for servants. It carried only a… Read More >>

Continuing Education for a Healthcare Career

Retraining at least once over the course of your working life is a reality for most people. Whether you were laid off or looking for a change of pace, healthcare… Read More >>

Nursing College is the Gateway to Life Beyond a Job

The first record of a nurse was written in Romans 16:1 of the Holy Bible, making nursing one of the oldest professions of our time. This timeless calling is the… Read More >>

Nursing College is Ideal for Career Searchers

More and more people are going green. They are more concerned about being environmentally friendly, eating organically and treating their ailments naturally. People are treating their minds and bodies better…. Read More >>

Nursing Training One Case Scenario at a Time

There are many ways to get training in order to begin a professional career. One can enroll in classes, read books, watch instructional videos, shadow professionals to watch them work,… Read More >>

How a Nursing Career Can Offer Growth, Flexibility and Diversity

Deciding on a set career path can be pretty scary, especially if the path will include quite a few years of schooling. Is a degree in nursing a worthy investment?… Read More >>

Recruiting Men Into Nursing Schools in Canada

Last December, journalist Kate Lunau reported in Maclean’s magazine that the number of male nurses in Canada had doubled in just a decade. At first glance, this seems like a… Read More >>

5 Ways to Make Extra Money After Nursing School

Graduates of nursing in schools in Canada know that they are facing a bright future, with an in-demand job. What makes this future even brighter though, is the possibility of… Read More >>

The Sociological Nurse

Sociology and nursing: one wouldn’t normally associate the two subjects with each other. Sociology is academic and theoretical, while nursing is practical. Someone studying sociology at the university level is… Read More >>

The Practicalities of a Practicum

There are many different styles of education. You could bury yourself in a mountain of books, studying the histories, literatures and philosophies of the world, if your goals are the… Read More >>