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Nursing Training One Case Scenario at a Time

There are many ways to get training in order to begin a professional career. One can enroll in classes, read books, watch instructional videos, shadow professionals to watch them work,… Read More >>

A Tale of Two Healthcare Degrees – Nursing Vs. Pharmacy Technician Program

You know that you want to work in healthcare. That much is clear. But whether you want to achieve this laudable goal via a pharmacy technician or nursing degree is… Read More >>

3 Trends That May Impact Your Choice of Nursing Degree or Other Programs

We’ve all seen the headlines: “Job growth stalls,” “Job market shrinks,” and so on. But are there any careers whose prospects are brightening? There are several trends that suggest that… Read More >>

Nursing Program Versus Pharmacy Technician Program

Knowing that you want to pursue a healthcare career, but not exactly which kind, can be uncomfortable. Should you apply to medical school or dental school? A physical therapy program… Read More >>

A Pharmacy Technician Program Can Lead to a Healthcare Job in the Retail Sector

You want to work in healthcare, but aren’t chuffed about the idea of putting in years of study towards an advanced medical or nursing degree. You want a more immediate… Read More >>

The Sociological Nurse

Sociology and nursing: one wouldn’t normally associate the two subjects with each other. Sociology is academic and theoretical, while nursing is practical. Someone studying sociology at the university level is… Read More >>

The Different Kinds of Nurses

What comes to mind when you think of a nurse? Common cultural stereotypes might imagine gentle women in clean, white uniforms holding cold compresses to the foreheads of feverish patients…. Read More >>

The Practicalities of a Practicum

There are many different styles of education. You could bury yourself in a mountain of books, studying the histories, literatures and philosophies of the world, if your goals are the… Read More >>

Lifelong Developments: The Practical Uses of Developmental Psychology

  The eyes and ears with which we see and hear life are not the same from when we are born to when we grow older. Human perception plays a… Read More >>

Helping Those To Help Themselves

Have you ever wandered through your local pharmacy, having a vague idea of what ails you and what you need to get better, only to be bogged down by the… Read More >>