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iStock_000075992309_Small Is Helping Students Receive ‘Micro-Scholarships’ to Pay for College

Education start-up has begun offering ‘micro-scholarships’ to students in order to help them pay for college—before they get to college. Cofounder and CEO of Preston Silverman explains the… Read More >>


McGill Graduates Recognized by Forbes, Make 30 Under 30 List

Image Source Shobhita Soor and Mohammed Ashour, graduates of Montreal’s McGill University, were recognized in Forbes Magazine, making the 2016 30 Under 30 list in the ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ category. Soor… Read More >>


Hoverboards Banned on Radford and Virginia Tech Campuses

Virginia Tech and Radford students who received hoverboards for Christmas won’t be zooming between classes on them anytime soon. The motorized, self-balancing boards have been dubbed a safety concern and… Read More >>

Barack Obama

Obama Vows to ‘Make College More Affordable’ at SOU Address

President Barack Obama made his final State of the Union (SOU) address this week, in which he emphasized the America’s growing problem of college affordability. 2015 was a year of… Read More >>

Woman being shocked by delivery

Watch Out Campus Bookstores: Amazon To Open Third Campus Outlet

Amazon is announcing the opening of its third college campus outlet, this one located at the University of Pennsylvania. UPenn students will soon be able to pick up and return… Read More >>


Canadian University Gets New Name to Reflect First Nations Heritage

Langara College is a public institution in Vancouver, British Columbia, serving a campus of approximately 21,000 students per year since 1994. But as of today, Langara is no longer just… Read More >>

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Kent State University Joins Trend of Allowing Therapy Dogs in Residence

An Ohio court settlement today calls for Kent State University to settle a fair housing lawsuit with a payout of $145,000 and a reworking of its “no-pets” policy. After being… Read More >>

RUSSIA, ARKHANGELSK - DECEMBER 14, 2014: 1-st stage children's hockey League bandy, Russia

New Kitchener Hockey School to Offer On-Ice Skills Training & Quality Education

Too often, young athletes are faced with one of the most difficult decision they ever have to make—should they pursue their dreams and sacrifice their education, or continue their studies… Read More >>


Consider These Costs When You Create Your University Budget

Like any well-prepared student knows to study before an exam, it’s wise to lay out your costs and financial budget when you prepare for college or university. Stay in the… Read More >>

Boy hand reaching images streaming from the deep.

Virtual Field Trips Made Possible by New Google Expedition Program

Google’s new Expedition Pioneer Program is taking teachers and students across North America on virtual voyages to the deep sea, outer space, the Great Wall of China, and more! While… Read More >>