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3 Rules For Professionalism For Clinic Receptionists

Clinic receptionists have demanding, interesting jobs that require a great deal of professionalism. For those who aren’t accustomed to working in this type of environment, it can be quite a… Read More >>

A Typical Workday for a Clinic Receptionist

If you have been looking to work inside the medical community, but don’t want to go to college and higher learning facilities for an extended period of time, you are… Read More >>

5 Tips For A New Clinic Receptionist

For the new clinic receptionist, fresh from medical office assistant courses or dental assistant schools, there are many on-the-job considerations that you need to consider as you embark on your… Read More >>

Making It As A Medical Professional

An increase in the aging population has escalated the demand for medical professionals, and the need for qualified medical workers will continue to grow. Choosing a career in the field… Read More >>

4 Tips for Clinic Clerical Support Jobs

The health care industry employs workers with a wide variety of skills and responsibilities. In addition to highly trained personnel such as doctors, nurses and technicians, workers in administrative or… Read More >>

Training To Become a Dental or Medical Clinic Receptionist

Because the skills of a clinic receptionist are varied, many, and nonspecific, there usually isn’t a requirement to have been through some rigorous program to teach you specifically how to… Read More >>

Life as a Virtual Paralegal

As technological advances have made it increasingly feasible for freelancers working remotely, one profession to notably benefit has been that of the paralegal. Law firms that can’t afford to employ… Read More >>

Credentials for Immigrants Through Support Role Jobs

Making a career for yourself as an immigrant can mean a slow time getting your credentials recognized properly.  True, in your country of origin, you may have put in years… Read More >>

Cosmetic Dentistry Trends

Smiles are contagious. They speak the language of love, the secret of youth, and are a rebellion against gravity. They tend to depend on the quality of teeth, which is… Read More >>

Embarking on a Paralegal Career

We all love those films where the court case takes a last minute turn thanks to some key piece of evidence that brings a momentary sense of justice to the… Read More >>