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Find Out What an Automotive Mechanic Training Diploma Is All About

Would you be interested in entering a sector of employment where they expect to be looking for 92,159 new employees by 2014? How about considering that 94% of those currently… Read More >>

Get Certified: Entry-Level Mechanic Positions

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Getting Back On The Road: Auto Damage And Repairs

Nothing is scarier than a car accident. Our first instincts are to make sure that no bodily harm has occurred to ourselves, our passengers, or passengers in any other cars… Read More >>

Becoming A Mechanic From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The internet has revolutionized education and professional training. Nowadays, anyone can learn a new craft or skill by enrolling in an online training program. Whereas once upon a time this… Read More >>

Distinguish Yourself After You Become a Mechanic

You know what you are going to learn about in auto mechanic training: you’re going to learn about engines and diagnostics, drive trains and alignment… But if you are planning… Read More >>

How to Become a Mechanic – 6 Ways

In the past, if you wanted to be a mechanic, you simply found someone under whom you could apprentice. Today, things are different. Increasingly, to secure a good job as… Read More >>

New Trends in Mechanic Training: Demystifying the Electric Car

Mechanic training is expanding to include information on the maintenance and production of electric vehicles. Here is a quick look at some of the concepts that students entering mechanic schools… Read More >>

You Want to Become a Mechanic for Electric Cars? Some Trivia to Inspire

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You Say You Want to Become a Mechanic. Could You be More Precise?

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Even More Ways to Save Money While in Mechanic Training

You are working hard to become a mechanic. You study every night. You attend every class. You try to stay abreast of new developments in the industry. But one of… Read More >>