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Repair Challenges for Hybrid Vehicles

Since hybrids have the components of a regular gas engine along with their electric aspects, they do require the same routine maintenance as any other gas vehicle. This includes the… Read More >>

How To Survive Mechanic School

When making the decision to head off to school to become a mechanic and get an education in automotive repair and maintenance, it can be a task to survive school and learn as much as they can. With some wise choices, the mechanic will learn a great deal and make the most of their education.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for You

An automobile is a very important and practical aspect of your everyday life, your car makes your commute to work simple, your trips to the grocery store quick, your visits to relatives accessible (even if they live far from you) and your joy rides pleasurable. A car becomes a part of you, not only a mere transportation tool, but a statement of yourself, your personality, your identity and your lifestyle.

Mechanical Challenges For Transport Trucks

A mechanic career involving transport trucks is worth considering. A transport truck mechanic has the skills to maintain, repair, and modify vehicles and components. Technicians also service farm and gravel… Read More >>

5 Rookie Mechanic Mistakes

There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of a smoothly running car, especially when you are the one who fixed it up. While this is great, you should be… Read More >>

3 Mistakes Not To Make on the Path to Becoming a Mechanic

In a typical day, how many cars do you see? The answer is probably more than you can actually count. The modern world relies heavily on cars for transportation with… Read More >>

4 Things That Make A Good Mechanic

Few careers provide the same stability and demand than as the auto mechanic. Even in tough economic times, people still need to have their cars serviced and tuned up. In… Read More >>

3 Mechanic Specializations

When it is time to start mechanic school so that you can eventually become a mechanic, specialization is an important thing for you to consider. By specializing in a specific… Read More >>

4 Steps For Maximum Success When You Become A Mechanic

If you’re handy with a wrench and know your way around an automobile, you may have thought about a career as an auto mechanic before. But if you want to… Read More >>

Preparing to Become a Mechanic in High School

For high school students, mechanic school can often seem like a dream that’s far off in the distance. In reality, it is probably much closer than you think. If you… Read More >>