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Tag Archives: law clerk colleges, a Canadian-born Idea to Improve Awareness of the Law

The National Post has reported the kick-off of a website designed to help Canadians improve their awareness of the law. Lawyer referral website has had a team working for… Read More >>

Three Great Opportunities for Law Clerk College Graduates

A law clerk may engage in a variety of formal and informal tasks to facilitate the process of preparing legal decisions. The clerical work may involve a range of interrelated… Read More >>

Essential Skills of a Paralegal

The essential duties of a paralegal are many, varied, and highly specialized. The best way to acquire the knowledge and skills needed is through education.

Career Opportunities: Tax Law Clerk

A career as a tax law clerk can be lucrative and satisfying for the right individual. Job opportunities are available across the nation but it helps to know what employers are looking for when hiring tax law clerks.