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3 Things To Consider When Choosing A New Career

Starting a new career is an exciting adventure, but it can also feel overwhelming. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, get yourself motivated again by considering these three important factors to weight… Read More >>

The Early Years of Computers in Business

These days it would be impossible to imagine accounting courses without software training, but before the introduction of computers the most sophisticated calculation technology was brainpower and slide rules.  … Read More >>

Office Software for the Business School Grad

No modern office would be complete without office programs. While there are major brands, there are also open source options, and they all share common features. With these programs it… Read More >>

Women in the Office: An Evolution

Women have always worked at something, even before they were a normal part of the workplace. However, wholesale integration of women into the white collar labour force has been a… Read More >>

The Invaluable Admin

Almost every business would founder without good administrative staff. Much praise goes to people in producing, designing and manufacturing roles, but no large or mid-scale operation would function without a… Read More >>

Technology in Medicine

Modern medicine means high tech. From Computer Topography (CT) scan machines to digitized medical records, the march of scientific progress brings constant innovation to the field. Perhaps if you’ve considered… Read More >>

Duties and Training of a Medical Office Assistant

A medical office assistant serves as the clerical support for a clinic, private practice or hospital. They have dual training in secretarial skills, but also an introduction to medicine to… Read More >>

Academy of Learning College Extends Reach and Expands Growth

With a 25-year history of expansion and success, Academy of Learning College continues to develop and enhance their innovative approach to education. The most recent development in the organization is the change… Read More >>

Beating the Dinosaur – The Advantages of a Technological Career

Almost everybody has a website. And everyone has a computer, or at least has access to one. Today, most operations are done online, or can be done from the comfort… Read More >>