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Aging Population Equals New Job Opportunities: Personal Support Worker Courses

According to the Canadian federal government, by 2026, one in five Canadians will be 65 years of age or older. This dramatic demographic shift towards an aging population raises some… Read More >>

Intra Oral Dental Assistant Careers

Are you interested in health care and health sciences? Obsessed with flossing? Dental assistant training programs may be your ticket to a rewarding career in a dental clinic. Intra oral… Read More >>

Get a Job in Health and Technology

When you are sick, you call your doctor. Actually, you call your doctor’s receptionist, who sets up an appointment for you. At the appointment, your doctor may give you a… Read More >>

Health Courses for the Tech Savvy Student

You’re always on the computer, but unlike other people, it’s not to chat with friends or to update your profile picture: it’s to create applications or to learn more about… Read More >>

The Technological Benefits of Non-Invasive Medical Procedures

  The human body comes with several anatomical openings. Since our initial trips to the family doctor, we have become accustomed to having lights, tongue-depressors and thermometers placed near or… Read More >>

The Pros and Cons of CT and CAT Scans

For a long time, we have used X-Ray technology to get a better glimpse inside the body. This has helped us not only get a better understanding of our biology,… Read More >>

Medication Made Simple

A pill isn’t always just a pill, and a dose isn’t always as simple as taking a dose. There are times when our medical and pharmaceutical needs require extensive organization…. Read More >>

Lifelong Developments: The Practical Uses of Developmental Psychology

  The eyes and ears with which we see and hear life are not the same from when we are born to when we grow older. Human perception plays a… Read More >>

Health with a Technological Edge

When most people think of information technology (IT) specialists they think of the stereotypical image of  bespectacled video-game fanatics working in the basements of large corporations, hard to get a… Read More >>

Imaging All The People Living For Today: The Medical Radiation Scientist

If technology can be said to be the handmaiden of the healthcare industry, then there are few other specializations which have such a great relationship with this modern servant than… Read More >>