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New App Labelled “The Instagram for Doctors”

A new app for cellphones with the name “Figure 1” has been developed in Canada for healthcare professionals. The app was developed by Dr. Joshua Landy, who recognized that doctors… Read More >>

The Evolution of Nursing

People have always needed nursing. Nursing began as either a religious calling, a part of family duties for many women, or a role reserved for servants. It carried only a… Read More >>

Continuing Education for a Healthcare Career

Retraining at least once over the course of your working life is a reality for most people. Whether you were laid off or looking for a change of pace, healthcare… Read More >>

Monitoring the Heart With Doppler Techniques

Throw a stone into a serene lake, and you will see little rings of water form around the spot where the stone dropped beneath the surface. Keep watching, and those… Read More >>

Information, Computers, and the Heart

Metaphorically speaking, information is the property of the brain, while the heart has dominion over our feelings. But from a healthcare point of view, information is a valuable tool for… Read More >>

Get a Job in Health and Technology

When you are sick, you call your doctor. Actually, you call your doctor’s receptionist, who sets up an appointment for you. At the appointment, your doctor may give you a… Read More >>

Health Courses for the Tech Savvy Student

You’re always on the computer, but unlike other people, it’s not to chat with friends or to update your profile picture: it’s to create applications or to learn more about… Read More >>

The Digital Fight Against Breast Cancer: Film Versus Digital Mammography

Breast cancer is one of the oldest forms of cancer that we know about. This is because unlike most other cancers of the internal organs, breast cancer can be felt… Read More >>

Taking Obstetrics in New Dimensions: 3D and 4D Ultrasonography

Childbirth is considered both a scientific necessity as well as a miracle. No matter how much we learn about the nature of reproduction, it is nearly impossible to stand by… Read More >>

Imaging All The People Living For Today: The Medical Radiation Scientist

If technology can be said to be the handmaiden of the healthcare industry, then there are few other specializations which have such a great relationship with this modern servant than… Read More >>