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Proud of our Graduates: Mike Gingras

So how do you make a film when you’re a starving student with no money? The Trebas Institute has published a blog as part of its Proud of Our Alumni… Read More >>

Reasons to Choose a Film School in Toronto

Naturally, someone who wants to pursue a career in film wants to learn from informed instructors at a quality school. There are many advantages of choosing a film school that… Read More >>

The New World Of Online Video Series

Traditionally, filmmakers have only had two outlets: film and television. Both film and television are incredibly difficult industries to penetrate, often requiring you to either work your way up or… Read More >>

Prepping A Music Video

A lot of work goes into the production of a music video. There are so many factors to successfully putting one together, and so many things that can go wrong,… Read More >>

3 Rules For Music Videos

The combination of video and audio is what elevates many modern music bands into the mainstream, with millions of views every day. A great music video is what draws viewers… Read More >>

4 Canadian Film Grads Abroad

Though you may not realize it, the film schools in Canada, long overshadowed by their peers in the United States, have graduated some of the finest filmmakers in the world…. Read More >>

What’s New In Canadian Film And Television

Beginning with the film “The Corporation” by Mark Achbar, Canadian films concerned with Canadian identity and issues have garnered a cult following. This is due to the divergence of Canadian… Read More >>

Scoring Video Games

Video games have come a long way since their conception in the seventies. Everything from graphics to gameplay has been modernized, and is more sophisticated than ever. A video games’… Read More >>

Video Games and Major Motion Pictures

Sometimes the movies or films are created first, and sometimes the games are created first. When the producers of either love the movie or the game itself that much (or… Read More >>

6 Pieces of Essential Equipment For the Budding Audio Engineer

It takes more than just a great audio engineer to create great sound. Here are some ideas for specific equipment and other essentials to keep in mind as you gain… Read More >>