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Google: Online Courses Outnumbering Traditional Colleges in Searches

The 2014 top searched university in the world according to Google is Phoenix University, located in the U.S. and host to many online courses. This brings Phoenix University ahead of… Read More >>

The Wonderful World of Correspondence Courses & Distance Education

Distance education is as old as the wide availability of written materials and literacy. As textbooks and written guides became increasingly common, skill seeking or curious people had another way… Read More >>

Making the Switch to a Healthcare Career

Maybe you’re attracted to a field where you know you’re making a positive difference, or maybe you just want the reliability of the work. Regardless, you’ve decided that healthcare is… Read More >>

Is Online Learning the Future of Canada’s North?

We like to think that we live in a fairly equitable society where all children, for example, have access to good primary and secondary education. And, for the most part,… Read More >>

Changing Your Everyday Through Continuing Education

Some of us get busy. We finish high school and jump right into the job market. Some of us want to make money, while the rest of us need to,… Read More >>

Reviving Your Career Through Continuing Education

It is always hard to come to terms with the fact that your career has not turned out exactly as planned. As a child, you dreamed of becoming something grand…. Read More >>

Continuing Education Helps You Learn on Your Own Terms

Nobody should ever be tied to an employment that they do not enjoy. While a job is needed to make financial ends meet, it should still be something that people… Read More >>

Workshop in the Wild

By living in the big city, one has the advantage of having all of society’s urban amenities just steps from your front door. But every so often, it is wonderful… Read More >>

Special Libraries Provide a Wealth of Information Outside of School

Libraries have been part of our academic imagination for a long time. While most of us are familiar with libraries as austere institutions in wonderfully large, old buildings that house… Read More >>

Between The Law and the Mind: Forensic Science

There’s little doubt that today, many people love sitting down in the comfort of their own home, flicking on the television, and enjoying some nail-biting crime show. The increase of… Read More >>