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Dispatcher Career Options

Canadian trade schools for dispatchers help to prepare students for a diverse and demanding field. Dispatching extends beyond automobiles to include freight trains, cargo ships and airplanes.

Career Spotlight: Emergency Vehicle Dispatcher

For emergency vehicles to safely and quickly make it to the scene, they need the assistance of a skilled professional to dispatch them. Collecting information at a fast pace, juggling… Read More >>

Radio Lingo for Dispatcher Training

There’s a special language for the road that goes beyond the words printed on passing signs. Radio operators of all kinds in trucking and dispatch learn a special vocabulary of… Read More >>

Radio Etiquette for Dispatcher Training

Dispatcher training includes many skills, but one of the most important to will learn will be good radio etiquette. As a dispatcher, you will be overseeing a switchboard that connects… Read More >>

Women of WWII Learned Everything from Dispatcher Training to Farming

Both World Wars saw an unprecedented influx of women into the workforce, replacing manpower lost to fighting, as previously male dominated industries saw sharp labour shortages, but the Second World… Read More >>

What is Dispatcher Training?

Managing vehicles, goods and people moving to and fro requires specialized dispatcher training. Whether sending out tow trucks to stranded drivers in the early hours of the morning, or directing… Read More >>

Dispatcher Training Deals with the Demands of the Industry

Dispatchers have got to be able to multi-task. They are responsible for the running of a very hectic environment, and they are individuals that are allotted with a notable amount… Read More >>

A Dispatcher Training Quiz

So you think you know something about dispatcher training? Take this quiz to test yourself.   Question #1 – True or false: Students who apply to dispatcher training are assessed… Read More >>

Dispatchers and Other Transportation Operators

If you think of the transportation industry as a body with long limbs stretching down endless highways handing out goods and bringing them back, then the dispatching operations could be… Read More >>

A Growing List of Auto Dispatcher Responsibilities

Once upon a time, in an age before advanced telecommunications, the transportation industry had to rely solely on the transporter’s knowledge of their geography, and records were made manually only… Read More >>