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Duolingo Plans to Expand and Dominate Education Apps

Duolingo is both the company name and the name of the free language app which now has over 25 million users. Invented in 2012, Duolingo is a computer website and… Read More >>

Prison Libraries Lacking, Despite Inmates’ Interest in Learning

It may be surprising to hear that many inmates ask for means to education, but more surprising is that our modern prison facilities are widely unable to accommodate these needs…. Read More >>

Canada has Highest Post-Secondary Graduation of all OECD Nations

After an OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) report on global education, it was discovered that more Canadians have a post-secondary education than any other OECD nation, including the… Read More >>

Building Relationships For a Chiropractic Career

Before you embark on a chiropractor career, you will need to have studied at a chiropractor school, and this time period will be a unique chance to connect with some… Read More >>

Progressing your Accounting Career in the City

There are many reasons to pursue an accounting career, from the flexibility of being able to work for all different types of organizations or becoming self-employed to the comfortable lifestyle… Read More >>

Continuing Education for Computer Skills

As Canada copes with a shortage of skilled workers, there has been a renewed focus on the transfer of tangible workplace skills. While universities can provide students with a broad… Read More >>

Government funds Centre of Expertise at Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Quebec government recognizes Champlain College Saint Lambert’s expertise in the recognition of acquired competencies.    Minister Pierre Duschene, Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de… Read More >>

The Evolution of Nursing

People have always needed nursing. Nursing began as either a religious calling, a part of family duties for many women, or a role reserved for servants. It carried only a… Read More >>

Continuing Education for a Healthcare Career

Retraining at least once over the course of your working life is a reality for most people. Whether you were laid off or looking for a change of pace, healthcare… Read More >>

Is Online Learning the Future of Canada’s North?

We like to think that we live in a fairly equitable society where all children, for example, have access to good primary and secondary education. And, for the most part,… Read More >>