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Best Part-time Jobs While in College

In college, studies are your first priorities. But what about extra income to eat, pay the bills and go out? Balancing work and studies can be hard, and while there… Read More >>

Fun Volunteer Opportunities on Campus

Using your time and energy to do volunteer work is a great way to make new friends, develop useful skills and give back to the community. Though you won’t receive… Read More >>

Interesting Classes to Take in the Summer

Summers courses tend to be more condensed and lighter in tone than fall or winter semester courses. Taking a course in the summer doesn’t necessarily have to mean being stuck… Read More >>

College Options for Music Lovers

Do you love music? If so, you probably understand that music is much more than a hobby. If anything, music is a true extension of your personality. Whether you’re interested… Read More >>

What are the hardest languages to learn?

Not all languages are made equally. Depending on what your mother tongue is, and what languages you already know, certain languages can be difficult to adapt to. If you’re interested… Read More >>

5 Amazing Tips to Stay Focused this Summer

Summer is finally here! This year in particular, it almost seemed like it would never come. Though it’s normal to feel tempted to hit the beach or spend time in… Read More >>

5 Considerations for Studying Abroad

Many students have expectations for college that go beyond just getting a degree. Making friends, sharing experiences and enjoying this unique period of their lives while focusing on a major they love… Read More >>

Why Study a Foreign Language? Multi-lingual Learning for Students

Have you always imagined that you would master several languages and spend time abroad, yet have struggled through learning even the most basic sentences in your chosen language?  It wasn’t… Read More >>

Four Canadian Universities Rank Among the Top 100 in the World

In keeping abreast of the world of college news, it appears that Canadians have some of the best higher education options in the world – at least according to the… Read More >>

Student Guide to Student Exchange

As a student, you’ve probably heard many times that being a student is one of the most exciting times in your life and that you should take advantage of all… Read More >>