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Best Websites for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

So you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, you’re just not sure where to start. How about one of these 15 websites has laid out for people just like… Read More >>

Tips to Running a Startup Out of College

If there is such a designation in the tech world, startups are the “it” thing today. With a broader understanding of technology trickling down to students as young as kindergarten,… Read More >>

Harry Potter Houses Divide Competing Syracuse U. Business Students

Following complaints from recruiters saying their students weren’t as polished as they’d like, the Whitman Schools of Business at Syracuse University is trying the Potter approach. After a brainstorming session… Read More >>

5 Tips for Working in a Private Clinic

Working at a private medical clinic means generally means that you will enjoy an intimate work environment, close relationships with your coworkers, and a slower pace than you would experience… Read More >>

The Evolving Administrative Assistant

Many years ago, the job description for the administrative assistance may have included little more than answering phones, taking notes, and catering to the whims of the boss. Those days… Read More >>

How Has The Role Of the Secretary Changed Over the Last Century?

In media set in the first two-thirds of the 20th century, most secretaries are portrayed as being little more than a pretty face. While this is far from the truth,… Read More >>

5 Tips For Acing Your Office Admin Interview

Interviews can feel intimidating and overwhelming, but the good news is that if you follow a few simple rules you’ll be off to a great start. Consider these five essential… Read More >>

4 Tips For Clinic Websites

Most of the web design tips out there are for promoting a product. While you do want to attract patients to your clinic, the techniques that work for restaurants and… Read More >>

The Rise Of PCs In Business

It is difficult to remember a time when the computer workstation was not central to the proper functioning of most businesses’ daily programs. In this age of internet marketing, the… Read More >>

Web Design and The New Business School Grad

The new business school graduate is armed with significantly more practical skills than previous generations. Many business schools have increased its course offerings to include special web design courses. In… Read More >>