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Unique Career Options as an Auto Technician

Life working in the auto industry can be made much easier when people look at some interesting jobs in the field. From large to small enterprises, there are good jobs out there for everyone with a technical education.

The Sonata and Elantra Driving Down Hyundai Quality Scores

The Hyundai Sonata and Elantra are among the Korean car company’s top sellers but are having dependability issues. More problems with reliability plagued the car industry and Hyundai during the annual J.D. Power and Associates review of car maker dependability.

Hybrid Cars Going Mainstream

Drivers fed up with forking over a small ransom to fuel their cars at the gas pump, combined with ethical and environmental concerns regarding societal dependence on the oil industry,… Read More >>

A Modern Auto Service Technician

Once upon a time, if you had car problems, you had to ask around and depend on the local reputation of the person who worked on your car. There was… Read More >>

Dispatcher Training Radio Tips

Despite ongoing advanced it telecommunications; the radio remains a crucial part of dispatcher training. A good radio voice and mannerisms are invaluable to every dispatcher, whether you work in emergency… Read More >>