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Introduction to Used Car Dealerships

Not every dealership has the latest models. There are great business opportunities in second hand car sales. Rather than getting a licence to sell a particular brand, instead you have… Read More >>

Become a Great Car Salesperson

At one time the auto sales industry was tainted by the stereotype of fast talking, sleazy salesmen in obnoxious polyester plaid, a perception that is changing along with the rest… Read More >>

Women Professionals in the Automotive Industry

For the most part, the world of automotive careers remains dominated by men, but there are plenty of opportunities for women as well as reasons why the automotive field is… Read More >>

Auto Careers by Personality

If you like cars and you’re trying to pick a career, you’re in luck. There are loads of auto careers for every sort of person and personality. Some of them… Read More >>

Technology Changes in Automotive Careers

While automotive careers are as old as the ‘horseless carriage’, cars and trucks have experienced a constant technological improvement, mirrored in the supporting roles, from trucking dispatcher to mechanic. This… Read More >>

Automotive Careers Snapshots: Inside the Dealership

Because of anti-monopoly regulations in US and Canada, the franchise dealership plays a key role in providing and maintaining cars. Though second hand car dealerships and independent mechanic garages exist… Read More >>

Automotive Careers: Trucking Edition

Heavy trucks make up the bulk of commercial transportation in North America. A vast network of roads crisscrossing Canada, the United States and Mexico carry enormous fleets hauling freight, up… Read More >>

Auto Sales College Can Lead to Automotive Careers

With 21,673,403 licenced drivers in Canada, and 29,055,303 vehicles registered to share between them, automotive careers are some of the most reliable in the country, and as the number suggests,… Read More >>

Can a Car Salesman Benefit From a Mechanic’s Education?

It is quite the negative stereotype we have of car salesmen in our society as being mistrustful people. Perhaps the reason for this is that when we walk into a… Read More >>

3 Key Ways Automotive Careers Have Changed in the Past Few Years

Are you interested in auto technician training or auto sales college? Before you settle on a course of study, take the time to familiarize yourself with some emerging industry trends…. Read More >>