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Repair Challenges for Hybrid Vehicles

Since hybrids have the components of a regular gas engine along with their electric aspects, they do require the same routine maintenance as any other gas vehicle. This includes the… Read More >>

Automotive Technician Training Options After High School

Ten years ago students were encouraged to pursue a traditional university degree after they’ve gotten their high school diploma.  Today’s students have become more cautious. Stories about students who have… Read More >>

Prepare For Auto Mechanic Courses

  Today’s cars often have between 10 and 15 onboard computers that operate everything in the vehicle from radios to engines. As a result, service technicians and automotive mechanics have… Read More >>

Transport Careers: Looking at Dispatcher Training

  Place your career on the right track by taking some short courses that will allow you to enjoy an opportunity filled career in as little as two years. You’ll… Read More >>

What is Transport Training in Canada?

Transport Training in Canada can mean both the dispatcher courses to get you ready to run the switchboard for a transportation company, or a more hands on set of driving… Read More >>

Transport Careers: From Dispatcher Courses to Transport Training in Canada

If you want to start a transport career in Canada, it can be a very lucrative and rewarding career path. You could decide to take transport training and become a… Read More >>

Off the Road and Onto the Field: Farm Equipment Mechanics

The history of agriculture is in many ways a great example of the history of technology. Over nine thousand years ago, areas in and around modern-day Egypt saw cultures discovering… Read More >>

Advantages of Gasoline Over Diesel

When we think of the difference between gasoline and diesel engines, we mostly assume that gasoline is used for everyday, regular automobiles while diesel is the standard for large trucks…. Read More >>

3 Reasons Why Auto Mechanic College is Necessary These Days

In the 1940s, when North America was first becoming car-dependent, a young man (for it usually was men) who wanted to pursue an auto mechanic career did not necessarily seek… Read More >>

Auto Mechanic College: Get on the Right Path While Still in High School

You’ve already sent away for brochures for every auto mechanic college in a hundred mile radius, but you still have a few more years of high school. It’s hard to… Read More >>