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Recording Drum Sets

Get an idea of the recording process and how to best capture the sounds of a drum set. Be prepared for a step by step process toward tonal integrity. A… Read More >>

Professional Audio Training Can Save You Years of Networking Time

Networking is the lifeblood of the sound business. You might be the best deejay in the world, but it won’t mean a thing if you can’t get anyone to listen… Read More >>

6 Signs That You Should Enroll in DJ School

6 Signs That You Should Enroll in DJ School   Summary: Were you that kid in the school choir who couldn’t tolerate a false note or the high school student… Read More >>

A Beginner’s Guide to Audio Engineering Lingo

Words have meaning. Words are also first formed with sounds, before writing and other visual representations of words. The exact relationship between sounds and the words we use to define… Read More >>

Entertainment Industry Fueled by Sound

Those beautiful, haunting melodies that play mid-film don’t create themselves. Nor do the jangles that introduce your favorite animation films and cartoons. Honed audio training is responsible for the recording,… Read More >>

Two Different Roads to Choose From After Audio School – Artistic and Commercial

On the one hand, you have one of Canada’s best known playwrights, Quebec City’s Robert Lepage. He is an international leader in the use of audio techniques for the theatre…. Read More >>