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Digital Versus Analog: DJ Turntables

In the digital age, DJs have a wealth of options, both digital and analog, when it comes to creating mixes, so which is better? Well, ultimately, depending on what kind… Read More >>

Film Production Services in Canada

With a cold, and often damp climate well above the equator, and a small population, Canada is not always considered ideal film country. Though the country occasionally punches above its… Read More >>

Canadian Film Festivals

Canada is home to numerous film festivals, big and small. A particular speciality of the country, thanks to its large immigrant population, is international film festivals, specializing in all sorts… Read More >>

Challenges to the Canadian Film Industry

Canada’s film industry has always been small, a natural side effect of a relatively small population. Though the country is made up mostly of English speakers, the ability to reach… Read More >>

A Brief History of Canadian Film

The first public screening of a film was in 1896, over two centuries ago. The film was less than a minute in length and the equipment and movie were American…. Read More >>

5 Alternative Careers to Consider After Audio Engineering School

Not everyone who goes to sound engineer school does so with the intention of working in a plain old recording studio. Many have other ambitions altogether, some of which you… Read More >>