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The New Evertune Guitar Bridge – Great or Gimmick?

The EverTune bridge system is a great concept that clearly works but has not caught on among professional guitarists or major guitar makers. The EverTune bridge misses its potential target market partly due to indifference on the part of consumers who have many alternative solutions for tuning guitars.

Picking the Right Microphone for the Job

As an audio engineer, you may be in charge of mixing and recording various types of sound. From studio recordings to film and live performances, there is no “one size… Read More >>

Prepping A Music Video

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3 Rules For Music Videos

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Scoring Video Games

Video games have come a long way since their conception in the seventies. Everything from graphics to gameplay has been modernized, and is more sophisticated than ever. A video games’… Read More >>

Video Games and Major Motion Pictures

Sometimes the movies or films are created first, and sometimes the games are created first. When the producers of either love the movie or the game itself that much (or… Read More >>

6 Pieces of Essential Equipment For the Budding Audio Engineer

It takes more than just a great audio engineer to create great sound. Here are some ideas for specific equipment and other essentials to keep in mind as you gain… Read More >>

3 Tips For The Budding Sound Tech

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Top Tips For Handling Audio Equipment

These tips prepare you for safe handling of audio equipment. Earth Connections The most common safety problem when handling audio equipment is the lack of appropriate earth connections. As a… Read More >>

3 Warnings For Independent Album Launches

Releasing your own independent album ensures you have total control over the end product, gives you the responsibility of getting your music to exactly the audience you’re aiming for, and… Read More >>