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Picking the Right Reverb for the Job

Picking the right reverb is a tall order, because you want it to sound realistic but also rich and warm. Analog is still a very reliable and realistic sounding choice, but new digital “convolution” reverb modeling is getting extremely intelligent, and may prove to be the new standard in the industry.

The Growing Role Of Remix In Popular Music

Massive careers have been based on remixing skills. Norman Cook — Fatboy Slim — has won two Brit Awards, ten MTV Video Music Awards, and almost single-handedly popularised the big beat genre…. Read More >>

Getting Your Wedding and Event DJ Business Off The Ground

People need music, especially during momentous events. This is why professional disc jockeys are becoming more in demand—and why wedding and even DJ businesses are booming. Whether you’re a musician… Read More >>

Building a Reputation as a DJ

In order for any of those things to happen, you’re going to have to take some time to establish a reputation. Prepare to Do More than Just Play Music The… Read More >>

Top Tips for Crowd Pleasing Music

You should always know a lot about the group you are playing music for. The first step is to make a list that fits that crowd. For example if you… Read More >>

3 Steps to Get a Crowd Dancing

Every DJ, at one point or another, faces a crowd that just won’t get up and dance no matter what song you play, or what tactics you use. For long-time… Read More >>

How To Read A Crowd To Pick The Right Music

Remember that an audio engineer is an entertainer. There is a mutual agreement that is made at the club between guests that hand over their money to be there and… Read More >>

4 Hot New Music Trends

Music is an ever evolving medium of art. Over the last decade, new genres of music have been created, and other forms of music have evolved. With all of these… Read More >>

Knockout Tips For Best Music Mixing

Mixing audio is a fun and challenging activity. Many people love to manipulate their audio tracks for hours and hours and try all sorts of different things to change the… Read More >>

Syncing Beats For Beginners

In the days of yore, DJs used vinyl records and traditional turntables to mix, sync, and keep the party going. While the music streamed through the house or club, everything… Read More >>