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Beat The Challenge of An Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

Surviving an auto mechanic apprenticeship means making sure you are informed about all the potential challenges and difficulties that you might face in the process of completing a very lengthy… Read More >>

Reasons for Diesel Engines

Many of us might associate diesel with the sooty pollution of transport trucks but there’s an interesting history and optimistic future for the compression-ignition engine. The diesel engine is the… Read More >>

Radar Technology in Automobile Safety

Technological advances have been transforming the possibilities of automobiles in recent years, and the next generation of cars will see new changes that focus as much on enhanced safety as… Read More >>

Automotive Painting and Refinishing

It’s the first thing you see and often the subconscious driving force in choosing an automobile – manufacturers learned long ago that we buy with our eyes. They say don’t… Read More >>

Hybrid Cars Going Mainstream

Drivers fed up with forking over a small ransom to fuel their cars at the gas pump, combined with ethical and environmental concerns regarding societal dependence on the oil industry,… Read More >>

Changing Trends in Brake Efficiency

Few automobile parts are more taken for granted than the braking system – drivers expect their brakes to always work effectively and consistently. When it comes to car safety, braking… Read More >>

Become a Great Car Salesperson

At one time the auto sales industry was tainted by the stereotype of fast talking, sleazy salesmen in obnoxious polyester plaid, a perception that is changing along with the rest… Read More >>

ATC Campus Helps Students Capitalize on Automotive Industry Job Growth

The Automotive Training Centre (ATC), a leading automotive training college, is helping students capitalize on the post-recession rebirth of the Canadian automotive industry with a state-of-the-art campus in Surrey BC…. Read More >>

Keep Your Car Buying Experience Low-Pressure and High-Satisfaction

Purchasing a car is a major investment. Cars aren’t cheap, and many people save up before deciding on which car to buy. But saving money and getting the best deal… Read More >>

Power vs. Noise: Know Your Muffler

When it comes to an automobile’s muffler, some people take it as a general rule that more noise equals more power. We know this when we hear a high-performance car… Read More >>