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What it Takes to be an Automotive Service Technician

  For many people, cars are a natural way of life, although cars in themselves are quite far from being natural objects. They are conceived, designed and engineered by handfuls… Read More >>

Train and Work Across the Country: Canada’s Red Seal Program

From the Rocky Mountains of the west, to the great expanses of the Prairies, to the sophisticated city centres of Toronto and Montreal, to the gorgeous Atlantic coast of the… Read More >>

Knowing the Code: Mastering the Canadian Electrical Code

  Electricity is behind some of the simplest, everyday tasks, like flipping a light switch, booting up your computer, or charging your phone. The little two or three-pronged outlets scattered… Read More >>

How Roofers and Plumbers Keep it Safe

Some jobs are more hazardous than others. A professional Formula One driver puts himself at far more risk every time he gets behind the wheel than someone who puts on… Read More >>

A Metalwork of Art

“I use steel to organize space.” Although these may sound like the words of an architect or engineer, they were spoken by an artist named Richard Serra.   Although welding… Read More >>

A Real-World Education

Industry and business in the Middle Ages was dominated by a system of specialized craft guilds. A master craftsman would take on a young apprentice in a mutually-agreed upon contract… Read More >>

The Back-to-School Checklist for Adults

If you have not been a student for a significant amount of time, the idea of going back to school can be quite unsettling. The best thing you can do… Read More >>

Less Theory, More Practice: The Benefits of Apprenticeship Programs

The main difference between an apprenticeship and a traditional degree program is the theory-practice ratio implemented in each. Typically, degree programs are extremely theory-heavy, and aim to introduce students to… Read More >>

A Moveable Grind: Careers that Revolve Around Metal Work

Welding Welders are trained experts who merge pieces of metal or thermoplastic together for building, construction, and sculpting purposes. The process of merging materials together can be done in several… Read More >>

5 Different Types of Electrician Careers

Deciding that you want to become an electrician is only part of narrowing down your career options. There are several different specializations within the electrician industry, so it is important… Read More >>