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A Day in the Life of a Legal Office Administrator

The job duties of legal office administrators includes arranging the law firm’s day-to-day operations by responding to emails, answering phone calls, reviewing the schedule for the day and managing the activity of… Read More >>

Emerging Healthcare Trends in 2014

The world of healthcare is a hard one to keep up with because of its inherently fast-moving, constantly improving nature. As a society, we refuse to settle for the treatment… Read More >>

Cloud-Based Accounting – Is it the Future?

In the world of accounting, there was a time when everything was done by hand, but that time has long since passed, and most accounting is done on computers. However with the introduction of cloud computing, will we be seeing another monumental shift in the industry?

Social and ‘Green’ Accounting

Social and ‘green accounting’ is an approach businesses use to report their activities in a way that combines fiscal reporting with corporate responsibility, drawing attention to the social and environmental… Read More >>

3 Questions to Prepare You for Running A Care Facility

If you are strongly considering opening up a care facility, then you need to answer the following three questions: What type of care facility do you want to run? –… Read More >>

Helping Your Charges With Sanitary and Bathing Needs

Whether a caregiver for a child or an adult, helping clients with sanitary and bathing needs can be a challenge. This can be a sensitive area when dealing with adults,… Read More >>

6 In Demand Skills in Every Office

Office managers have gotten very specific about how they want the business to run. When they start interviewing job applicants, employers are looking for individuals who have very specific skills…. Read More >>

4 Tips for Fast Career Training

There are four different things you can do that will help you get the most out of your education and make sure you’re on the fast track to a top… Read More >>

Running A Daycare: Keeping The Books

If you have always enjoyed watching children and find it incredibly rewarding, opening up a daycare and offering daycare services to the community might just be the profession you are… Read More >>

5 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business may be a dream that you have had since you were very young, or it may be a recent desire that you have developed after facing… Read More >>