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The Growing Slow Medicine Movement

You may have heard about the slow food movement. Originating in Italy, it is a reaction against industrialized agriculture and fast food, returning to the old-world values of community and… Read More >>

AAPS Offers a New Food Handling Safety Training and Certification in 2013

The Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences continues to meet industry demands with a new Food Handling certification training. Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences will offer a new Food Handler certification… Read More >>

Clinical Research Testing on Different Subjects

There is nothing particularly revolutionary when it comes to product testing in everyday commerce. Manufacturing companies want to know if their products can be sold successfully, who their intended market… Read More >>

Pharmaceutical Testing Process of Medicated Tablets

As the industry of pharmaceutical drugs has grown and diversified over the centuries, we have been continuously locating and isolating the most efficient and effective method for administering medicine. There… Read More >>

Issues Surrounding Clinical Research Testing on Humans

“Man is the measure of all things.” Spoken by the ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras almost 2500 years ago, these words still form the basis of much human activity and many… Read More >>

The Role of Quality Assurance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Quality control is an important stage in any business. A manufacturer needs to regularly check his products before shipping to clients to make sure there are no defects. A service… Read More >>