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York University Students Camp Out to Protest High Tuition

29 JAN 2013
Topic : Education News

York University students are camping out to protest Ontario’s high tuition fees and to bring attention to a National Day of Student Action (held on Wednesday, February 1). The “Freezing to Drop Tuition Fees” camp out, no doubt influenced by the “occupy wall street” protesters who flooded many city squares around the world, began on January 23. Organizers hope to draw attention to the underfunding of post-secondary education in Ontario.

“Successive governments of all political stripes have left Ontario students out in the cold through reckless funding cuts to post-secondary education and unsustainably high tuition fees that have made Ontario the most expensive province in which to study,” said Alastair Woods, Vice President Campaigns and Advocacy for the York Federation of Students. Nearly two-thirds of students are ineligible for the new tuition grant introduced by the Ontario government, and
in December, students submitted more than 40,000 petitions calling on the Liberals to convert the grant into a real tuition fee reduction. Protesters hope to shine a light on this issue.

“Despite a promise to reduce tuition fees by 30 per cent during the provincial elections, Dalton McGuinty has left a majority of students behind,” said Woods, adding, “To add insult to injury, the government of Ontario has also cut more than $112 million in grants and scholarships to pay for this selective program.”

The camp out is being held in the York University Commons, adjacent to Vari Hall.

Here is a York University Campus new report on the beginning of the camp out:

What do you think about what the York University students are doing? Will it have any effect?