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Here’s The Yale Class Ranking The University Doesn’t Want Students To See

27 JAN 2014

Yale University made news last week when administrators abruptly blocked a student-created website that combined information from the school’s official course evaluations and course catalogue.

The motivation behind twin brothers and Yale seniors Peter Xu and Harry Yu’s site — Yale Bluebook+, or YBB+ for short — was to give students a cleaner interface than Yale’s official website and make it easier to access various information about a course. “In particular, students could sort courses by numerical ratings given by students in previous semesters,”The New York Times reports.

Not only did YBB+ use information exclusive to Yale’s official website, but in the views of university administrators it also “gave undue prominence to the numerical ratings without including the descriptive evaluations that went with them,” according to The Times. After three semesters of helping students plan their schedules, Yale blocked YBB+ from university servers last week.

Then, this weekend, Yale senior Sean Haufler posted a now-viral column — opening with “I hope I don’t get kicked out of Yale for this.” — that introduced Banned Bluebook, a Google Chrome extension that allowed students to view course evaluation data within the school’s official course selection website.

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