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University of Guelph’s Food University

18 APR 2012
Topic : Education News

The University of Guelph has established a new food institute. The institute will “tackle the world’s most important food issues through research, innovation, commercialization and action”. Essentially what this means is that  it will be focused on global issues related to all aspects of food, including production, safety, security, and the impact of food on culture, economies and the environment. This shouldn’t be all together surprising.

“We’ve built an international reputation as the place for solving food-related problems,” U of G president Alastair Summerlee said in a press release. “Few places in the world can match our depth of research, training and teaching expertise. We need to apply that knowledge and experience to do more, both nationally and internationally.” He’s referring to uGuelph’s reputation as Canada’s “food university”. They’ve managed to develop this reputation by offering a Food Science program and through the development of their Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics (FARE) department.

University of Guelph

The new food institute will therefore work to further expand that reputation, connecting, in the process, food education and research with industry, food producers and processors, consumers, partners (international, national, local) and non-governmental organizations.

“Most people now recognize that food is not just about feeding people. While world hunger is a huge issue, it’s only part of the global food challenge. The Food Institute is a place where all of those issues can be addressed in tandem, with people exchanging ideas, innovations and information,” Summerlee said.

The school is said to be looking for an executive director to lead this project. For now, it will fall to an interim directory to determine the institute’s governance and to establish an advisory panel.

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