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Startup Institute: ‘We want to help people find careers they love’

14 JAN 2014

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With every multimillion dollar acquisition deal, the technology startups space must seem more enticing to those stuck in unfulfilling jobs. As interest in the sector grows, there’s an increasingly competitive market for retraining courses that offer the chance of fulfilment, excitement – and a slice of the pie.

Initiatives from the government, industry and the charitable sector all exist to help potential entrepreneurs gain the skills and confidence they will need to launch their own business. Many still fail, but not through lack of aid.

The same is less true of those who come after. Joining a start-up, whether as employee two or two hundred, frequently takes almost as much courage and talent as setting out alone. Organisations such as Steer and General Assembly offer the opportunity to learn portable skills like coding or marketing, but without the specific focus on small companies.

Startup Institute started in Boston as an attempt to correct that imbalance, and launches in the UK and Berlin on Tuesday.

The company, which also operates in New York and Chicago, runs eight-week training courses supporting workers making the switch from a safer career into one at a new company. Although the courses include elements of practical skills, such as basic web development or design, they also focus on less tangible qualities.


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