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How can I help my son with his exams?

17 JAN 2014

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My son is sitting mocks this month in preparation for the real thing in the summer. It may be a trial run, but the importance can be measured by rising irritation levels, now at an all time high.

Apparently I have no idea how difficult school is today. I also have no concept of how hard he has to work. And as I never did science A-levels, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

He could well be right, but even if exams are different to back in the day surely the preparation is much the same? The problem is, it’s hard to find out as his door is firmly shut. So I am reduced to peering through the crack in the hope of catching him with pen in hand.

On his desk I spot carefully torn pieces of paper, each with a list written in tiny writing. Hundreds of names, formula, science notes and arrows linking different words. The paper is ripped into two inch squares, scattered around his desk, another pile abandoned in the bin.


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