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Silicon Valley Interns Share Some Of The Awesome Perks They Get From Their Jobs

27 DEC 2013
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If you can land an internship at one of Silicon Valley’s major tech companies, you’re likely going to have an awesome experience doing innovative work while making a great salary.

The perks aren’t too bad either.

We recently found a Quora thread detailing firsthand some of the coolest intern perks in tech. We’ve pulled out some of our favorites below from three of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley and one nearby powerhouse.

Here’s what you’ll get along with an amazing internship opportunity:

Google intern Debarghya Das says the company hooks them up with free luxury housing, and the office campus itself also has a ton of fun things to do:

“Google gives us free, and in my opinion, luxury housing. Although we share an apartment we three others, it’s equipped with a nice TV, a patio, a kitchen with a dishwasher, 2 baths, a washer and dryer, and biweekly cleaning. We also have access to a 24-hour gym, a hot tub, a swimming pool, a games room, and a park.”

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