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How to shine in a university interview

17 DEC 2013
Topic : Education News

When you’re applying for university, the last thing you need on top of exam stress and Ucas woes is a grilling by a top academic.

But these days if you want to win a place, regardless of the course you’re applying for, you’re increasingly likely to face an interview.

Many universities are interviewing over the winter break, so here are some tips.

What’s the point?

Don’t mistake the purpose of interviews. They’re there to help universities find out how your mind works and for them to get to know you as a human being. Interviewers are often among the people you’ll be spending the next few years in tutorials with, so they want to know they’ll be able to have stimulating conversation with you.

Interviews are a valuable chance to impress, particularly if you are not expecting top grades. An interview isn’t there to catch you out, instead it’s your chance to show what you’re like as a person and to demonstrate your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject.

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