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Ontario Tuition Rises 5% for Seventh Straight Year

13 MAR 2012
Topic : Education News

With the ongoing Quebec student strike protesting tuition hikes (often violently) showing no signs of ending, it’s worth noting the situation over in Ontario, where the government has announced another 5% increase to tuition fees next year.

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This is the seventh straight year in which the tuition in the province has increased by 5%, and it breaks a campaign promise made by the Liberal government (they had actually promised a 30% tuition fee reduction! Not sure how they thought that was possible, but one would think, this will provide opposing parties plenty of ammunition at the next election).

With this newest increase, Ontario remains the province with the highest fees and lowest per-student government funding in the country. In addition, this new increase will mean that students will contribute more to university operating costs next year than the government. This is for the first time this has happened in the history of the province, and in all, the proportion of university operating costs borne by students has, in the last 30 years, now increased from 19% to 48%. (Editor’s note: you want something to strike about Quebec? You don’t even realize how good you have it.)

“In uncertain economic times, the government and post-secondary institutions should be removing barriers to higher education by increasing public investment and exercising restraint. Instead, students will evidently be left to foot the bill,” Sean Madden, President of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) said in a press release.

“Increasing tuition fees at well above the rate of inflation is not a sustainable future for Ontario’s students and families,” he said.

It looks like this issue will continue to be contentious across the nation.

What do you think? What role should government play in education funding?