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Mr. Tim Hudak, Leader of the Opposition Party, Extols the Virtues of Career Colleges

15 FEB 2013
Topic : Education News

Academy of Learning College pleased that Ontario PC Caucus White Paper puts spotlight on the social and economic benefits of Career Colleges. 

In his Ontario PC Caucus White Paper, released February 2013, the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario, stated that Career Colleges are among our provinces most efficient paths to employment.


The document, entitled “Paths to Prosperity,” discusses long-overdue and necessary changes in the education sector. Mr. Hudak applauds Career Colleges, saying that they offer what traditional college and university systems cannot; they provide the kind of intensive training required by today’s employers in our adapting economy; they aid in the development of our Canadian labour force. Mr. Hudak praised, “Career Colleges are perfectly positioned to help Ontarians adapt to these changes as quickly as possible.”


Mr. Hudak’s White Paper recognizes that Career Colleges in Ontario alone train over 60,000 students each year. His document calls for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MCTU) to “treat those institutions with a long track record of success with the respect they deserve… These Career Colleges do not require funding to build classrooms… From the perspective of a cash-strapped government, this should be considered indispensable to the province.”


According to the economic impact study conducted by OACC, “The Career College sector in Ontario currently offers more than 5,000 programs at over 600 campuses in 70 communities. It employs 12,000 staff, and annually produces approximately 50,000 skilled graduates at a minimal cost to taxpayers, due to the fact that Career Colleges receive no direct operating funds from the government. By choosing to study at Career Colleges, those 50,000 graduates save taxpayers more than $1 billion per annum. At the same time, the Career College sector generates more than $94 million in business and payroll taxes.”


The White Paper summarizes its view on the Career College Sector in “Path 13,” by saying that Career Colleges “…with strong, proven track records, should be rewarded by a reduction in the costly and time-consuming regulatory burden they currently experience on a regular basis so that they can be freer to take on students looking to gain access to the job market.”


When asked for her reaction to Mr. Hudak’s press conference, Heidi Collins, Director of Marketing and Sales, said, “Academy of Learning College is honoured to be part of the Career College Sector which increases student choice, meets employer needs, and delivers trained workers for a new economy. We are thrilled that someone of Mr. Hudak’s stature has finally spoken up for our sector’s efforts.”


The complete White Paper can be read at