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How Millennials Can Prepare For The Future Of Work

3 JAN 2014
Topic : Education News

Today, we “20-somethings” expect to have three jobs before our 30th birthdays. We build our careers in two to three year stints. We take jobs for the learning experience, rather than the company brand name or lucrative salary.

We know that what matters now, and what will matter even more in the future, is the skills we have, not just the places we worked or where we earned a degree.

There’s data on job tenure to confirm: since 1973, the average tenure of a male in the private sector declined by 25% (the change for females is more nuanced because of the changing role of women in the workforce in that time period).

Since we expect to search for a new job every few years, we can no longer rely on traditional educational credentials as the bedrock of a career: Our fourth employer cares more about our track record from our previous three jobs than the college we attended.

Historically, college educated, service sector workers worked at one firm for a career, and relied on employers to provide the training necessary to move up the corporate ladder. With less loyalty between employers and employees, employers provide less training because neither side can commit for long enough to see the benefit (though the best companies work hard to buck that trend).

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