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There’s a McGill State of Mind Video

6 APR 2012
Topic : School Videos

A new video, “McGill State of Mind,” has managed to generate just under 40,000 views on YouTube in the last two weeks (all while mangling the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song “New York State of Mind”). The video, which was in the works for 10 months, aims to highlight the diversity among the McGill community, whether it be student, staff, or faculty.

In all, “McGill State of Mind” features over 300 participants, and 40 student groups that encompass student politics (SSMU, AUS, SUS, EUS, MUS, etc.) campus media outlets (Tribune, Daily, etc.), environmental groups, varsity athletes, and frat boys (oh my!).

This is all being tied in to a website, which fittingly, is called McGill State of Mind. The site claims that the project “is unprecedented and innovative not just because of the campus-wide scale, but because of its unique musical qualities. It marks the first time a group of McGill musicians has attempted to create an inclusive and viral school spirit music video that extensively portrays student life.”

As a McGill University alum, I’m not entirely sure I should be spreading the following video. I just can’t help feel extremely embarrassed for everyone in it. But then again, I think I’m probably just being harsh. After all, in their own words, they just “wanted to bring McGill together with an anthem and music video everyone could support, regardless of their political beliefs. We wanted to portray this “community” feeling that could be shared among active McGill members, alumni who wanted to relive fond memories, and prospective students interesting in attending one of the best extracurricular universities in the world.” Hard to fault the intentions there.

Check out the “McGill State of Mind” video for yourself:

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