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International students: how are you celebrating Christmas?

26 DEC 2013
Topic : Education News

Driving Home for Christmas is the one song guaranteed to make me well up at Christmas. All those adverts of families coming together around the dinner table make me miss my family to the point of sappiness – and they only live two hours away on the train. So what’s it like to be an international student if you can’t get home for Christmas – celebrating in a foreign country away from your family?

“It’s hard,” says Kristina Janovcikova, a fourth-year journalism and French student at the University of Sheffield, whose family live in Slovakia. “I often find myself looking into people’s windows on my way home, envious that they get to watch TV with their families, all cosied up.”

Katie Kokkinou, welfare and international officer at University College London, says that Christmas can be difficult for many international students, as unis often freeze services over the break.

She says: “Usually everything is closed for a significant stretch of time, but many students are still here. Some students don’t want to go back and prefer to revise instead, while others simply cannot afford to, because flights during winter are so expensive. And others do part-time work.”

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