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International HE associations seek a more equal agenda

10 MAR 2014

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Groups working in international higher education have been trying and continue to try to find ways to establish a more equal and truly international agenda. The Network of International Education Associations has set up a task force to work on actions agreed at the recent Global Dialogue on the Future of International Education.

In their article in University World News, “Can international education be truly equal and global?”, Hans de Wit and Nico Jooste intend to provide a “critical but constructive assessment” of the Global Dialogue on the Future of International Education, which recently took place in South Africa.

However they point fingers at the international higher education associations in the Western world, implying that these associations’ vested interests seem to be the obstacle to an ideal higher education landscape.

On a positive note the authors stress that the eyes of the associations were opened in South Africa, which according to them is an important first step.

De Wit and Jooste claim that if only the organisations would be willing to learn from the work of the International Association of Universities and the Canadian Bureau for International Education, a future of equality and truly international education could be reached.


It is a bit disappointing to say the least, to me and some of the other participants of the event, that the facilitators of the Global Dialogue decided to evaluate the meeting through a global medium.

It is also not very productive if you really want to advance equity in internationalisation of higher education to publically declare some of your fellow participants wanting. It seems as if some of the organisations pass the moral test of the authors and some do not.


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